Escha and Anish

A spring 'I do' in the bestest Italian countryside

Here's another love story getting real on Tuscan land. It's easy to guess why couples fall in love with the idea of an Italian wedding, and our mission is to make sure that those feelings stay strong with them throughout the planning, on the Big day and forever after in their memories.

Escha and Anish were certainly looking forward to making all those memories with us. From the UK, their group joined them on site to spend three full days in the private setting of a 4-star Agriturismo in the verdant province of Siena. Nothing short of spectacular in this small medieval borgo! A true experience of the rich past, in the comfort of stone-built apartments tastefully decorated to welcome the guests, a pool area for entertainment and a very intimate garden with view on the green hills for the cerimonial blessing outdoors. 

Take a moment to read about all the woo-hoo moments of their Big event.

Wedding planned by

The vision

Escha and Anish's wedding notes

The requirements for the wedding day were few, but firm. The symbolic ceremony would need to take place in the afternoon; some rituals are scheduled later in the day to allow for the official signing at the registrar in the morning, but this was not the case. Escha wanted more time to allow for all the preparations planned for the bridal party and family, and it was clear that they favoured enjoyment over the risk of rushing special moments. Here's the advantage of choosing a wedding location in a warm climate, which made it super easy for us to accommodate.

On a different note, the couple had only another small concern. They had envisioned their Big day as a very unique celebration of their story, down to every detail, including music. Nothing to do with budget, some couples feel more comfortable to have their own DJ in their corner, something like a confident move, especially if it makes them feel more at peace to iron out all the kinks, one on one. Music is a key element in a day like this, that's why our repertoire of music professionals is very ample and diverse but we are respectful of all kinds of needs, and it's a pleasure to personalise celebrations so we took care of renting the musical gear and let the DJ do the rest.

The five deal breakers for Escha and Anish

  • Location: classic
  • Ceremony: afternoon
  • Venue: private rental
  • Music: only setup needed 
  • Side activities: 3-day event packed with activities

The action plan

How did we pull it off

 Filling more days with exciting activities for the guests can be a challenge at times, especially if the group is diverse but we are always searching for new acts to bring to our couples and fulfil their dreams.

In Escha and Anish's case we proposed a professional caricature artist to draw their guests during the pizza party on Day 1 of their weekend. It may look simple, but this is in fact a rising trend amongst newlyweds which ensures people engage in something fun and social, and ultimately leave with a nice token from the night, which is always a nice touch.

We were also particularly proud of the program scheduled for Day 2. We planned something enjoyable that could take their minds off of the pre-wedding stress, since the actual Big day was happening on Day 3. It's not unusual that, as the tension builds faster over the last days, there is a need to take a proper break and leave the last fixes to the pros. For them, we put together a whole day of sightseeing and all things Tuscan.  

A visit to the nearby medieval centre of San Gimignano to tick the passionate-tourist box, learn more about the history of this region and what is left of their generous heritage. In the afternoon, a less active but more taste-ful time with a personalised wine degustation experience to really sink in the local culture of vines appreciation. A great example of co-creating the wedding of your dreams, When you ask for what we need, we listen.