Kelsey and Erick wedding in La Badia di Orvieto

A perfect wedding in  Umbria

One of the most scenic venues in Italy is the perfect wedding venue!

Kelsey and Erick are an amazing couple from New York City with the big dream of an Italian wedding in an exclusive and unique venue where Kelsey's great taste and love for details could be exploited into an amazing party with live music and fun! Three days of festivities in our typical Stile Italiano include a traditional Italian welcome party and a day-after brunch.

Living a unique experience, not to compare with Kelsey's sister's wedding that we planned in Tuscany a few years ago, was our mantra and our dedicated promise to one of the families we love in the world!

And it was a success!

Wedding planned by

The vision

Kelsey and Erick notes

Kelsey wanted a very unique countryside venue that could be traditional, historical and unique all at once. In addition, her style was very sophisticated and modern, thus the venue should be able to incorporate modern and up-to-date elements and decorations.

In addition, the outdoor Italian wedding was meant to be the highlight, the icing on the cake, of a three-day experience to include parties, games, food, and drinks. Most of the guests have known each other since college as they spent four fabulous years together.

The family was looking forward to reuniting together in Italy after a long time. The location, first, and the venue, after, had to be carefully chosen to meet several criteria and needs.

The five deal breakers

  • Location: out of common tracks, but unique and easy to reach
  • Ceremony: outdoor al-fresco in an historical scenario with modern touches
  • Venue: all guests must stay together for 3 nights
  • Guests: college goers and families to join a fun exclusive party
  • Side notes

The Wedding Plan

How we made it happen

We truly believe it was one of the most perfect weddings we planned this year. Every moment was full of charm, details, and fun. The venue was reserved for exclusive use. We love La Badia di Orvieto and we have such a great relationship with the property. We could obtain some unique extras to make the most of Kelsey and Erick’s experience. 

We prepared some amazing welcome bags to get all guests comfortable on arrival. The first day was meant to be a welcome day in which all guests could gather together around a “porchetta” party. Do you know what is it? A typical Italian big cooked on a real fire as we used to do for centuries. All meant to create a truly Italian experience, the setting up was also country-chic planned with a wooden country table, without tablecloths, runners and napkins rent for the occasion to give a touch of luxury while keeping a countryside mood. Chairs “Provenza” style, white iron and soft white cushion, a perfect choice from Kelsey’s wise vision. 

The wedding day was “wow”! The ceremony is under the sky along the ancient walls of the Abby, on an open roof, with country details, charming luxury chairs, and the Fellowship of the Rings soundtrack for the bridal entrance. Dinner was a huge Italian table with a long runner of flowers falling down both sides. Music is planned with live musicians all day long. And the groom playing guitar as well!! The day after it was all about talking about the night party just gone, and playing college games while a long brunch drink, and music again, we're giving a new experience for this special American-Italian wedding!