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Styles and Theme weddings in Italy

The personal touch for your unique wedding: styling your wedding in Italy

What is a wedding without a personal touch? Your signature, your style, your theme: our approach to style and theme wedding planning totally reflects your own personal vision and ideas. Just let us know your wishes and wedding vision, we will help you planning a tailored, very romantic event!

We look forward to helping you choose the best possible solutions: our goal is assisting you and accompany you throughout each and every planning stage in order to create the wedding of your dreams. That’s why we put our experience and enthusiasm at your full disposal listening to your ideas and providing you with further inspiration, to make sure your wedding in Italy is just as you dreamed it.

Discover the boundless possibilities of a theme wedding in Italy: a whole world to discover!

Think outside the box: even though Italy is a perfect destination for romantic “traditional weddings” it can also offer infinite possibilities for those wishing to organize a unique, unparalleled ceremony. A theme wedding can be a wonderful choice and a great occasion to tell something about yourself, to share your lifestyle, your passions and your hobbies with your beloved ones. Thanks to our long experience and wide range of enchanting Italian wedding locations we will help you step-by-step to define all details of your special day. The theme you choose will be the red wire and leitmotif that will accompany you throughout your wedding day: from the wedding dress to decoration, from the ceremony to the wedding reception, we will help you harmonizing every detail with your desired theme.

For your exclusive lifestyle wedding in Italy we conceptualize your vision with the aid of inspirational images and text descriptions creating the perfect representation of your own wedding style and theme.

Italy’s best artists and service providers will be at our side to compose your concept into the actual event.

Let’s think out of the box together with a creative process during our first conversation where we try to explore your personality, your desires, and passions. Either as a single and as a couple to create a path of ideas where we can enjoy styling your wedding in Italy to perfection.

Style your wedding in Italy to perfection!

The most beautiful weddings begin with "I want to keep it simple". This is perfectly fine and we love to create your own style with simplicity, delicateness and smoothness through the day. Even the most extravagant events need a simple guidance line to match up every detail.

Lifestyle weddings in Italy
A memorable Italian wedding day is the peak of a life-style destination wedding experience in Italy.
Choose WEDDINGITALY® life-style weddings! >>>
At WeddingItaly, we offer first class wedding planning. We are the most experienced Italian wedding planners established in 1999, we provide top-notch assistance combining custom-made stylish creations with real-life Italian experiences.
We are dedicated to a broad life-style concept of a destination wedding in Italy for the discerning international clientele. We only work for couples in love.
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