Bettina and Victor

"I'll let you be in my dreams if I can be in yours" (Bob Dylan, singer)

We could not have been happier working with Bettina and her now husband Victor to stage their dreams. In true Latin American form, this wedding event showered us with laughter, emotions and a little pre-ceremony drama. This hot Brazilian couple had all of us dancing to their bright future, as soon as the DJ took over the music station, heels thrown in the air and ties hanging lose. The special bond between Italy and Brazil is one that goes far back in time, given the high rate of Brazilians with Italian roots living across the ocean, and Victor being one of them.

Turning dreams into reality

The minute Bettina walked out of the room in her gorgeous princess gown accompanied by her teary father, the entire bridal party clapped, their hearts filled with pure joy. In our work we have seen this thousand of times - the huge significance this ritual incorporates across many cultures, when a father (or father-figure) walks a bride to their life partner states a big rite of passage in their lives.

Shortly after the group moved down to the private dock where Bettina and her dad got on the estate's very own vintage water taxi, a rare wooden piece built in 1960 and used to this day to transport guests around the lake, and get fancy shots of them riding around in the sun. A posh bridal entrance that matched perfectly the style Bettina had in mind, leaving even the groom happily surprised.

Despite the weather being downcast on the day, the ceremony was bursting with colour with the ladies' vivid frocks, making the event look like a fashion show parade. The men sporting dapper suits, equally stylish and in tune with the elegant backdrop of Lake Como.

The tip of the day

A special mention goes to the floral walls in the shape of tall columns serving as a decorative corridor and guiding guests from the outside parkland to the banquet room. Bettina announced it early on, that she was obsessed with this recent trend of placing paper flowers on vertical panels or covering architectural elements. It also comforted Victor's request to favour sustainable options whether possible, without weighing too much on disposable accessories. Some venues apply restrictions on decorations, but the Villa happily signed off on this after looking at the beautiful mock up design received by the vendor. Happy wife, happy life.

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