Francesca landed in the world of weddings since she is an incurable romantic and a passionate idealist, in love with love ever since.

Her creativity renovates whenever she can help make your dreams come true.

She graduated in Foreign Languages (in addition to Italian, she speaks English, German, and French) with a Master's Degree in Communication, and has worked in PR, as a press and media relations officer and an event organizer (private and corporate, international exhibitions, concerts, conferences, etc.).


My competencies for WeddingItaly

Coordinating events has always been a great passion! Arriving on the day of the event with the agenda in hand and feeling responsible for everything that is happening is an integral part of my job satisfaction.

I love planning everything down to the smallest detail and I like dedicating myself to the little details that make the difference.

My qualities

  • Empathy
  • Organizational ability
  • Stress management
  • The propensity for team work
  • Problem-solving

In My free Time

My great passion is music! I've always sung in many musical groups and you can often hear me humming while thinking about work! I love traveling! Every year I take a big trip and when I can I take my trolley for short weekends.