A romantic wedding among soft rolling hills… a love dream come true!

Just imagine the stunning romantic feeling of a special countryside wedding in Tuscany… a breathtaking scenery of soft rolling hills stretching out as far as the eye can see… a quiet, romantic atmosphere, where the only noises you hear are a soft breeze caressing your hair and the happy laughter of your dearest friend and family… a special 13th century location with fabulous feeling and romantic atmosphere… wouldn’t this just be the perfect setting for a lovely wedding in Italy?

This lovely British couple just lived out their romantic dream in this unforgettable romantic location in the Tuscan countryside! Chelsea and Ashley wanted their special day to be as romantic and as special as it could be… fabulous romantic feeling and stunning countryside views… a splendid swimming pool and the warm feeling only a close group of friends (and bridesmaids!) can conjure up… wouldn’t this just look like an actual dream come true?

If you are dreaming of a special countryside wedding, with romantic rural landscapes, roses blooming and lovebirds singing just check out what the romantic region Tuscany has to offer… Do not hesitate… your love dreams are just a simple… click away!