A romantic wedding in a Tuscan castle: stunning views and so much amore!

Picture to yourself the perfect Italian wedding… elegant details… stunning views… delicious food and excellent wine… the fabulous setting of the matchless skyline of Florence minutes away from the loveliest soft rolling hills stretching out as far as the eye can see… flawless floral decoration and romantic candles adding to the atmosphere of a wonderful castle with stunning countryside views… wouldn’t this just be the perfect setting for an Italian wedding?

No detail was left unattended for the stunning wedding of Erica and Oscar… a cheerful wine tasting on the day before was the right way to break the ice and getting things started with the right mood and atmosphere for this special event… and the wedding day itself was just so special! Classy details and special decorations were just everywhere to be found, with candles, chandeliers, fresh flowers and stunning views adding to the romantic feeling of the day! The feeling was so perfect, that the couple couldn’t help making it last a little longer… with a cheerful Tuscan brunch on the following day!

Live Italy and Tuscany at their best for your special day… enjoy the friendly and bright atmosphere of the land of love… the Italian wedding of your dreams is just a simple click away!