Love and happiness for a special sunny wedding in Rome!

Just imagine the matchless feeling of a splendid wedding in Rome… an awe-inspiring setting, where you can’t take a walk without bumping in the most fabulous works of art or majestic buildings… where Roman ruins can be found side by side with the most elegant and sumptuous palazzos… where Baroque art lies close to a stylish, fashion-forward night-life scene… a true Fairyland where everything seems to be possible!

How could a wedding in Rome not be magical? This lovely Australian-British couple couldn’t think of a better setting for their special day! Just imagine… an unforgettable civil wedding in an actual castle, on a fairytale terrace with stunning panoramic views of the splendid countryside surrounding Rome… in this fabulous castle Kate and James truly felt as queen and king for a day! Accompanied by the splendid music of violin and cello, the ceremony was just perfect, with love and happiness being everywhere to be felt! And what better way to coronate such a marvelous day, than with a dinner with their nearest and dearest, in a luxury restaurant in the city center of Rome?

Set no limits to your dreams: your destination wedding in Italy will make you feel as if you had entered an actual fairytale! Just click here and let’s start making your dreams come true!