A romantic lakeside wedding… in Tuscany!

Just picture to yourself the fairytale feeling of a special lakeside venue… picture-perfect, glittering waters stretching out in the distance, reflecting the beauty of an awe-inspiring, very special villa… elegance, romanticism and beauty adding that extra special touch to the fabulous atmosphere conjured up by a loving couple and their closest friends and family… now take these ingredients and bring them all to the beloved wedding destination… Tuscany! Wouldn’t this just be an actual dream come true?

This amazing British-New Zealander couple just wanted to make the most of their special day in Tuscany: why be happy with just the simple beauty of the marvelous Tuscan countryside when you can enjoy a special wedding in Tuscany… on a lake? Why just having a “normal” grand entrance, if the bride can… sail to her wedding venue? Lovely, friendly, amusing, and moving… Gemma and Chris wanted their special day to be just like this! A heartfelt symbolic ceremony with their nearest and dearest, an elegant location with a fairytale atmosphere, and a loving group of friends and family wishing them all the best… Absolutely amazing!

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