Elsa and Remi, a fairytale wedding in the Tuscan countryside

In a fabulous frescoed church, surrounded by romantic countryside setting, there a lovely French couple made their love dream come true… in the shade of splendid artistic masterpieces, with breathtaking views of soft rolling hills as far as the eye can see, a wedding can be nothing short of perfect! What better destination than the stunning Tuscany for an unforgettable day?

Significant, moving moments happened throughout this special day… a moving catholic ceremony accompanied by the notes of an heavenly choir… a merry church exit with confetti and cheering all over the place…a special outdoor sit-down dinner under a cascade of fairy lights… romantic and special details peek out from every single picture of this special wedding in a Tuscan villa… the Vespa cake topper it’s just so cute! Nothing short of magical, this stunning venue truly helped make the magic with its elegant atmosphere and splendid views on the surrounding countryside!

Get a closer look to the details of this special event in the following pictures! Ever dreamed of getting married in the lovely Tuscan countryside? Let us help you live out that dream… it is just a simple click away!