A wedding in a castle of Friuli… enjoy a lovely fairytale!

Picture to yourself a splendid, elegant castle looking onto a splendid sapphire sea… fabulous gardens and elegant halls… romantic views and the special feeling that only the sea can convey… wouldn’t this just be an actual dream come true?

This lovely Austrian-Italian couple couldn’t hope for a better setting for their special day: a romantic castle in Friuli-Venezia Giulia, by the sea yet near mountainside and soft rolling wine-hills… just a short drive from the fabulous setting of Venice, and yet near Austria and Slovenia… Claudia and Maurizio wanted their big day to tell something about them… and what better destination than a fabulous castle, further embellished by a rich Austrian and Italian legacy? The romantic ceremony in a lovely church was just moving… and the splendid feeling of this unique location was nothing short of perfect! And with a first dance to the notes of The Blue Danube Waltz, the wedding truly felt like a splendid fairytale!

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