A fairytale location for a romantic, bucolic Swiss wedding in Tuscany!

Close your eyes and imagine… the fabulous feeling of the marvelous Tuscan countryside stretching out as far as the eye can see… soft rolling hills and the romantic scents of olive trees and grapevines… a soft breeze caressing your hair, welcoming you to this important step of a new life together… wouldn’t this just be perfect?

Tusli and Antoine, this beautiful Swiss couple, couldn’t dream of a better setting for their special day: the splendid pastoral landscape of Tuscany as background for a heartfelt symbolic ceremony… a lovely farmhouse on the hills near Florence was just the right location for this special couple, who wanted their special day to be romantic, warm, full of love, fun and… carefree! Surrounded by their nearest and dearest the feeling of this special day was just unforgettably beautiful!

Let yourself be inspired by this special and romantic fairytale: a wedding in Tuscany can take whichever form you like… just ask us for further information!