Fairytale Italy weddings or simple family affair?

Live your dreams with a romantic wedding in Italy!

A wedding in Italy is often seen as a very special and exclusive happening for those couples wishing a once in a life time wedding day.

Well, first of all: do you know any bride who doesn’t wish a “lifetime memory” for her wedding day?

We actually do not and our mission is to create with our brides a day to remember forever.

Second: do you think a wedding to be a “lifetime memory” day should be extraordinary expensive or planned in the most spectacular venue in Italy?

We believe it does not. We believe it all depends on your inner feelings and visions.

We planned weddings in the most beautiful and luxurious Italian wedding venues, but we also planned small intimate and incredibly romantic events in charming villas in the countryside for just the bride and groom and a few guests.

Either choice, Italy is perfect. Either choice, the final mission is: to create a “once in a lifetime” memory to our brides and grooms. We love to give our experience as Italian wedding planners to any couple who has the desire to live a day to remember. To those couples with that bliss in their eye.