The magic of a castle for your wedding in Italy

...or a charming villa in the countryside!

Italian castles are mostly located in Tuscany, Umbria, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Rome and Northern regions. Italians love their castles as they rapresent an ancient and powerful local history of the city or region the castle belongs. A dream wedding in Italy can take place in a castle. Enjoy some galleries!

Italian villas are really famous worldwide! The famous villas created by Palladio inspired many architects from the 18th century to our days. The most important example of an Italian Palladian villa abroad is the White House in Washington. But Italian villas are also the charming countryhouses or the beautiful farmhouses. Villas are always located in the countryside or near the city, even tough with the growing of the bigger cities, we can suggest also some Italian villas in the heart of Florence, Rome or other cities. Main cities offer also the gorgeous PALAZZI, once houses of lords and merchants, now splendid wedding locations such as the gorgeous Venetian palaces on the Grand Canal. Enjoy some views!