Italian weddings by vision and themes

Different ideas and different visions: every bride has a different dream. Our aim is to follow your own special dream with your own personality and help you with suggestions and hints.  

Italian weddings by vision and themes.

Expectations should be accomplished since the early stages of planning with informative options and tailoring our information to your personal comments and picture of the Italian wedding you are dreaming of.

The selection of the perfect wedding venue is usually the main initial step of the planning process…

..but this should be a second step when the couple have a more detailed idea for their Italian wedding.

It can be a theme or just an image to visualize: if you feel this is your case, than the first step is clearly work on your feelings and secondly matching these into an actual venue.

The following real Italian wedding is good example of what we mean.

Anna and David were looking for a venue in Italy to accommodate about 80 guests, mostly from USA. Their initial request was to find a location near Milan, thinking that this could be the perfect airport base for their guests to travel to Italy.

After our usual initial phone conversations, we found out that Anna and David had a clear vision of their Italian wedding. They wanted a castle or a villa, by the water, by sunset, very casual, outdoor, Italian, in a “out of common track” venue.

At this point Milan was no more their option, as there are no sea views, nor charming castles and villas by the sea, nor a place really “out of common track”.

What happened is that we planned their wedding at about 2 hours ouf of Venice, in an incredible castle by the sea, with their guests lodging in many small b&bs and hotels at walking distance.

Initially they were mainly afraid for the logistics and transportation of their guests. They were not considering their own Italian wedding dream.

The wedding was a success! We can assure it could have not been as good for them and for all their guests, if they would have not followed their own dream, their vision, their “interior” desires.

Often the vision and the location you have in mind are already perfect, but if you are not sure, let’s talk a bit together. It is your wedding in Italy. It is your big day.

Let us take care of the hassles of the wedding planning including transportation, guests, hotel bookings and logistics. We are so good on this. Just think of your wedding! Keep in touch, we love to hear from you!