Best Man tips for making a perfect speech

Sometimes this is the hardest time for the best man. So many times we see how nervous the best man is before his speech.

The first thing we usually say is that “anything you say will be fine. You don’t have to be funny or extremely charming, if this is not your personality.” Keeping between your own personality! Don’t try to be anyone else!

Introduce yourself and greet the bride first and the groom after. Say something simple and nice about the wedding day: the ceremony, the setting, the venue.

Look at the bride saying how gorgeous she is. Thank the groom for being such a good friend (you won’t be the best man otherwise!!)

Tell a story if you have one, but be respectful (no past girlfriend allowed!). You don’t have to be funny, it might be a gentle and romantic moment or something he did for you as a great friend can only do!

Thanks all guests for attending and end offering the couple your best wishes.

You don’t have to keep it too long, 3 to 5 minutes is really enough! Good luck!