Al fresco country style Italian weddings!

We love to dine under the stars or under some beautiful pergola.

Stylish al fresco weddings in the setting of romantic Italian vineyards.

A distinguished "al fresco" wedding dinner is often organized on summer months along the most loved Italian wedding locations such as Tuscany, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Umbria, Italian Lakes and Amalfi Coast.

There are many visions and options to create the perfect outdoor reception in Italy.

The photo gallery at the bottom will show you a lovely wedding planned in Tuscany on August 2013. The setting is a typical "casale" in Tuscany: an old farmhouse completely restored in a luxury villa with an extraordinary view of the Tuscan hills.

The background is already a wonderful frame and if you had a typical wooden long Italian table with wooden chairs and some nice country style decorations on the table, the whole picture would be extraordinary.

The night party after the wedding reception is also a jewel of creativity and style: simple and elegant at the same time. We will let you judge by yourself. Enjoy the gallery.

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Love by the team at WeddingItaly!