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Florence and Tuscany

Weddings In Tuscany: hundreds of options for a charming Tuscan wedding

We are based in Florence, and we are fondly in love with planning weddings in Tuscany. Beautiful, romantic and widely celebrated, this region offers various locations and venues ranging from medieval castles to sprawling vineyards. A wedding in Tuscany has the magic background of the famous rolling hills of the Chianti, the picturesque vineyards, and the magnificent Italian architecture.

Why is a wedding in Tuscany so favourite?

Tuscany is the best wedding locations in Italy to experience a lifestyle wedding in Italy. Tuscany is the true heart of Italy due to the region stretching from the Apennines mountains to the sea. Tuscany is considered by many the epitome of everything that is Italian. For this reason, it is also a very popular location for destination weddings in Italy.

A wedding day in this beautiful location provides the opportunity to satisfy your eyes and your palates with every marvel: from the emerald-green Tuscan countryside to the excellent Italian food. Tuscan towns - such as San Gimignano, Certaldo, Siena, San Galgano - are famous for their fine arts and architecture. The most famous wedding venues in Tuscany produce the renowned Chianti wine. Wines are the icing on the cake of a lifestyle wedding in Tuscany.

How to plan a large wedding in Tuscany?

It is comfortable to arrange large weddings in Tuscany. Its central position facilitates your guests travelling. The airports of Florence and Pisa are connected with most of Europe. Rome and Milan are only two hours away. Therefore, the location is simply perfect.

Wedding planning in Tuscany would also flow smoothly due to the many years of experience as wedding planners in Italy. At Wedding Italy, we are located in Florence: a perfect base for wedding planning a large event in Tuscany. Most of our Tuscany weddings plan to have more than 100 guests.

There are several venues to host large weddings. Tuscany castles are famous around the world, and some of them can host all your guests in charming rooms and apartments. Countryside villas are the most loved wedding venues in Tuscany. We plan luxury weddings in villas overlooking the city of Florence or a luxury hotel. We have partnered with large hotels to host your guests. We will take care of all your friends and families travel needs with our in-house travel agency. We have the experience and we are always ready to plan a large wedding in Tuscany. This is what we love to do, check our featured weddings. Most of the charming venues are nestled in the hills, surrounded by olive groves, and a dream wedding venue is often located between Florence and Siena.

Outdoor weddings. Tuscany is the right place.

A typical image of a Tuscan wedding is an outdoor ceremony. Brides and grooms dream of getting married by the vineyards or on top of a romantic hill. We can create a very special day as there are no limits on what it is possible or not. Would you like an outdoor civil ceremony? We can help you anywhere in Tuscany. Most of the ceremonies are blessings, but we also plan Jewish weddings, Protestant, Animist, and symbolic ceremonies outdoor. Any wedding ceremony can be planned on request. Your wedding in Tuscany can take whatever form you prefer. Feel free to let us know your desires, and we will make the possible to accommodate with special attention to detail.

We have extensive knowledge of the legalities and logistics involved in planning weddings in Tuscany. We put all our knowledge and experience at your service for an unforgettable wedding.

A civil wedding is perfect when performed in an ancient town hall. The towns of Certaldo, San Gimignano, Siena, Monteriggioni, Montalcino, and Montepulciano are only a few of the villages with a magnificent antique building to get married. You can plan a Catholic wedding in a church in Florence, or say your vows in a Jewish synagogue. Weddings in Florence are always a perfect way to celebrate your love. The choice is yours, but no matter what you choose, we guarantee it will be beautiful.

Vineyards weddings in Tuscany: where is it possible?

Wine cellars are literally in every corner in Tuscany. Weddings can be celebrated in most of these amazing settings. We suggest a few selected wedding venues in Tuscany with scenic vineyards view, and we are always searching for new ones to propose. Weddings in the vineyards need particular care: preparation of the ground, assurance of a plan-B, and other small details that should not be forgotten. We have planned hundreds of weddings in Tuscany under the stars. You can rely on our expertise.

Typical venues for weddings in Tuscany: agriturismo.

As mentioned before, castles and villas are the top chosen venues for luxury weddings. Tuscany is also famous for the picturesque farmhouse, called “Agriturismo.” Getting married in an “agriturismo” meets our philosophy of lifestyle weddings in Italy. In fact, a farmhouse is the best venue for an authentic Tuscan wedding. Real farmhouses should follow precise rules such as auto-production of goods and a limited number of rooms. This is the reason that most of the small weddings in Tuscany are organized in one of these charming venues. The charm of the real Tuscan lifestyle. We suggest renting in exclusive use as you would get the best of your experience. There are farmhouses for every budget. Those that we love the most offer a bit more of privacy, style, and high-end atmosphere, but always keeping the

Suggestions to get married in Tuscany

Tuscany is big. There are many areas, and each one is peculiar and beautiful. You can get married in Maremma by the sea. Maremma is a fantastic area: wild, secluded, natural, and its dramatic views are poetic and profound. There are very few venues, and providers should often travel from far. We love the area around Lucca and Pisa. There are several villas and farmhouses. It is also well connected with low-cost flights to Pisa. Chianti region does not need presentation. The most amazing and breathtaking views are in this area. The charming and luxurious venues in Tuscany are located in Chianti. South of Siena opens to one of the most romantic landscapes: le Crete Senesi. This area is famous for the green cypresses fading in golden fields. It is a fantastic setting for a unique retreat: budget should be on the high side. Please Contact us and we will provide you with all our suggestions for your wedding in Tuscany.

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