What is the best wedding ceremony to get married in Italy?

A complete guide to getting married in Italy

So you have decided to tie the knot and live your big day, and you know that a destination wedding in Italy would be your dream. The question now is: what kind of wedding ceremonies can you arrange in Italy?

Fortunately, the answer is: everything your heart desire!  Let’s see more in detail what are the wedding ceremonies you can celebrate in Italy and what are their main features.

What’s the difference between a civil and symbolic wedding?

The main difference is that the civil ceremony has a legal value and is officially recognized by Italian and foreign governments. It requires dealing with paperwork and consists of a somewhat fixed-formula script that can be partially personalized.

A symbolic ceremony, on the contrary, has no legal value, and is an unofficial, non-religious union.

Symbolic weddings in Italy can be fully personalized in every detail, including the script, and it can be just as romantic, amusing and tailor-made as you want it.

Symbolic ceremonies can take place in all sorts of locations, whereas civil weddings can only be arranged in selected venues (some of which are exclusive villa with gorgeous gardens, so you can get married outdoors with a civil ceremony in Italy!)

Both ceremonies can be personalized with floral decoration and music.

It is possible to organize both civil wedding ceremonies and symbolic weddings in Italy, and it often happens that both are held. Brides and grooms often choose to arrange a smaller civil wedding ceremony with their closest friends and families, and afterwards to celebrate a larger symbolic ceremony with the whole wedding party.

Do you need to live in Italy to get married with a civil wedding ceremony?

No. Couples living in all parts of the world and of all nationalities can organize a destination wedding in Italy with a civil ceremony. Depending on your nationality there is paperwork that needs to be taken care of, and sometimes you need to come to Italy some days before the wedding to take care of formalities. Thanks to our long experience as destination wedding planners we have an extensive knowledge of the procedure for a civil wedding in Italy of most nationalities all over the world and help you arrange your big day as stress-free as possible!

What about religious weddings in Italy: can I only get married with a catholic ceremony?

Not at all. Though it is possible to arrange a catholic wedding in Italy for foreign couples, we can arrange all sorts of religious wedding ceremonies in Italy.

In Italy there are some of the most beautiful Greek and Russian orthodox churches: we have arranged some beautiful Orthodox weddings in Italy and can assist you in every detail with the paperwork preparation.

Protestant weddings are also possible in Italy, and we have arranged the most romantic outdoor wedding ceremonies in fabulous villas in Tuscany and all over Italy. Anglican ceremonies can be arranged in some exclusive destinations.

If desired, catholic and protestant weddings can be legally valid as well.

Is it possible to arrange a Jewish wedding ceremony in Italy?

Yes, and we have extensive connection with a wide network of kosher catering, locations that are perfectly fit for a Jewish wedding, musicians etc. We have a long experience and complete knowledge in planning Jewish weddings in Italy that we have developed in close contact with our trusted rabbis.

Orthodox Jewish wedding ceremonies are possible in some of the most beautiful wedding venues of Italy, where you can live an elegant and amazing more-day event in full respect of Shabbat.

What about Indian wedding ceremonies?

Indian wedding ceremonies are possible in Italy as well. We have arranged chic Hindu and Sikh ceremonies in some of the most elegant wedding villas all over Italy.

And if you have any questions, just send us an email at mail@weddingitaly.com, we are happy to clarify your doubts and help you choose the wedding ceremony in Italy that is best suited for you! What do you think about this? What is your idea of a perfect wedding?