Lake Como: Italian luxury wedding destination

An actual dream setting for a fairytale wedding in Italy or an enthralling Hollywood romance, the marvellous Lake Como is the most exclusive and beloved location for destination weddings in Italy. Set in the shade of majestic Rhaetian Alps and surrounded on both sides by steep sylvan hills, Lake Como’s charm is the result of a flawless marriage between man-made and natural beauty, so appalling and romantic, that is has been chosen as setting for the most romantic movie scenes ever for years… Exclusive, romantic, elegant and utterly beautiful.

Italian weddings will make you feel like a princess, and Lake Como weddings like a movie star!

Lake Como Weddings: Ceremony in luxury villas by the lake shore

Beckoning visitors from all over the world for centuries, this impossibly enchanting location has attracted elite crowds and inspired artists and composers for over 100 years… the perfect blend of the healthy environment conjured up by fresh air, water, and mountains, and the elegant feeling provided by fabulous historical buildings is just the winning mixture for an unforgettable wedding in Italy!

Lake Como Italy Weddings: walking by the Lake

Regarded as the crowning jewel of the whole Northern Italian lakeside area, the lake offers a triumph of breathtaking palatial villas, garden belvederes offering majestic lake and Alpine vistas and flawless tourist offering… A truly matchless setting for an unforgettable Lake Como wedding! Natural beauty and splendid architecture conjure up a magnificent flair and inimitable sense of history that amazes all who lay eyes upon such incomparable marvel: appreciated for its beauty and uniqueness for ages, the outstanding romantic feeling make it nowadays one of the most sought-after and beloved wedding destinations in Italy.

Surrounded by a setting so beautiful and moving that has been the inspiration for many Hollywood box-office hits (including Star Wars and James Bond) there is no way that a wedding on Lake Como will be anything short of spectacular! Between calm blue waters and tree-covered mountains, this fabulous lake is best discovered with a charming boat ride, uncovering lovely ancient villages and stunning villas along the winding shoreline, reflecting onto the water surface…

Luxury Villa for weddings On Lake Como

Amazing scenery, elegant setting, and perfect food: could you wish anything better for your special wedding in Italy? On Lake Como, Weddings of all sizes and kinds find their perfect setting… there is nothing as romantic as a lovely elopement wedding in Bellagio or Varenna, though Lake Como gives its best when enjoying a fairytale lakeside Villa wedding under the Italian stars and sun… a true favorite among celebrities from all over the world, there is simply nothing just as stunning as a villa wedding on Lake Como! Furthermore, being well connected through the international airports of Milan and Bergamo, Lake Como is just perfect when planning events with guests coming from all over the world.

Just imagine… a fabulous Renaissance Villa on the lakeshore, surrounded by magnificent gardens slowly steeping into the calm lake waters… a majestic swimming pool with panoramic view on this fairytale setting… imagine having the possibility of renting these outstanding locations full of history and elegance just for you and your guests, for an exclusive wedding just as beautiful and as romantic as the most moving fairytales or love stories… wouldn’t this just be perfect for your wedding in Italy? Outdoor wedding ceremonies in fairytale gardens… princely salons and elegant feeling everywhere to be felt… there truly is a no better setting for your romantic “happily ever after”!

Lavish wedding parties with hundreds of guests as well as smaller, exclusive events find their perfect location in the many elegant lakeshore villas of Lake Como or, according to your preferences, in one of the fabulous luxury hotel offering breathtaking panoramic views and all comforts… There are no limits to how beautiful your unforgettable wedding on Lake Como could be!