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Lake Como

Get married in the most romantic and chic wedding location in Italy: elegance and style are main theme of an exclusive wedding on Lake Como

A top wedding destination in Italy, much beloved among celebrities and VIPS all over the world, Lake Como is the ultimate destination for an elegant villa wedding in Italy

Featuring enchanting landscapes and a fabulous atmosphere, Lake Como is just perfect to arrange luxury events in a stylish setting, but also small intimate weddings in Italy.

A wedding in Lake Como is a lifestyle experience

Romantic and stylish, Lake Como is considered among the best wedding venues in Italy and the perfect destination for an exclusive event in a stylish setting.

The jewel town of Bellagio is set just in the heart of the Lake on the peninsula between the two wings.

A destination wedding in Lake Como is ideal for couples looking for a high-end and an elegant location. One of the dreams is to get married overlooking the Lake in one of the beautiful villas settle on its shores. These wedding venues are extraordinary for their luxury atmosphere and the views of Lake Como. 

An Italian wedding on Lake Como is perfect for all sorts of events, from elegant elopements, to small exclusive weddings, or large luxury weddings.  The most beautiful villas have enchanting gardens. As lake Como wedding planners, we fall in love any time we plan a luxury wedding overlooking the lake. Bride and groom can be confident that we pay great attention to detail. Our purpose is to make your special day, a fantastic wedding day.

There are also other options for symbolic weddings and wedding receptions such as smaller retreats and lovely restaurants. The fascinating atmospheres of the charming Bellagio or Varenna are perfect for organising welcome dinner, rehearsal dinner, or other quite gatherings with your guests.

How to plan a destination wedding in Como?

We encourage to plan a wedding in Italy with the spirit of an authentic Italian Experience, in the spirit of slow living and stylishness. For us it is very important that you make the most of your special day, and we organize your all inclusive destination wedding up to the tiniest detail.

Choosing the right wedding destination is surely an important detail, and what better location could you dream of than a wedding villa on Lake Como? The ceremony is also an important aspect to define for your special day in Italy and Lake Como is the perfect setting to enjoy a romantic civil wedding in an Italian villa with enchanting views on the lake.

Lake Como is undoubtedly one of the most charming locations to experience the north-Italian lifestyle: white wines sipped on sunset, nice boats sailing the tranquil waters, fishermen’s fresh lake fish, and that bit of luxury feeling. Lake Como has the tradition of being the high-end destination for the noble families of Milan, north-Italy, and Switzerland. The charming villas for weddings in Lake Como testify how wealthy this area already was many centuries ago. Shopping Silk is an experience: do you know that Lake Como used to produce the most refined Silk in Europe? Most of the great brands still today are served by local businesses.

A lifestyle wedding in Lake Como cannot miss a boat tour: this is simply perfect to present your guests with amazing activity, and to provide you with an amazing backdrop for your wedding pictures. 

You don’t need to get married in Villa Balbianello to visit it. We yearly plan many weddings in this luxury venue, but you can also visit during a nice trip or excursion while sailing on the Lake, sipping your favorite Italian wines, and listening to a live band tuning your favorite songs. This is lifestyle weddings in Italy on Lake Como.

Luxury and celebrities: a wedding in Lake Como

Charming and fascinating, the splendid atmosphere of Lake Como has attracted over the years many “prominent residents”: from George Clooney to Donatella Versace. Many celebrities continue to travel for a holiday on the Lake. We planned several weddings in Villa D’Este, and we often met famous actors, sportives, or famous entrepreneurs.

The lake has also served as a setting for a significant number of films. Are you dreaming of a beautiful marriage? A big day that seems like something out of a romantic movie? Well, Lake Como might be your perfect set!

Picturesque villages,  imposing historical villas, and lush gardens

You will be amazed by the beauty of this marvelous lake. There is a lot to discover. The beautiful town of Bellagio, of course, but the charming Varenna and its secret restaurants. There is one particular restaurant that we highly recommend near Laglio: the best on the Lake. The north towns, near the Alps, hide some secret coves that you need to wander around to discover — finally, the mountains and the secluded vineries and farmhouses with special views of Lake Como.

Weddings in Lake Como are more than historical and luxury villas; it is also a real Italian experience if you trust our expertise and backroads suggestions. Get out of the standard routes, live your Lake Como weddings as a lifetime experience with a high-end spirit of discovering the secrets of the Lake. An enchanting area to enjoy with countless, romanic activities: this is the true luxury of Lake Como!

We have been lucky enough to plan a wedding in the Lake since 1999. We discovered the pearls of the Lake. We met the real people that still today wonders around the mystic shores of the Lake Como. We suggest to visit our selection of villas for weddings on Lake Como, and our featured weddings, and videos. Contact us with your wedding plans, and we will provide you more information tailored to your desires and wedding vision.

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