Weddings in Bellagio

Bellagio wedding: the ideal choice for those looking for perfection

Discover the marvelous town of Bellagio, also known as the Pearl of the Lake Como. Bellagio is a jewel set on top of the peninsula in the heart of Lake Como. The civil wedding hall in Bellagio, Italy, is a beautiful Villa with a small and intimate garden with Mediterranean vegetation, palm trees, and a stone courtyard. The wedding hall is small and friendly, the old library, very simply furnished with antiques and ideal for small groups. Bellagio is a suggested retreat for a destination wedding in one of the most picturesque spots: Lake Como is indeed the Italian luxury wedding destination due to its incredible and charming villas.

Why is Bellagio a famous town to stay for wedding receptions?

The excellent position of Bellagio in the heart of the Lake gives a chance to your guests to spend a weekend to discover Lake Como and all its hidden treasures. Bellagio is conveniently connected by ferry boat also to both sides of the Lake making it easy and fun to travel around. Bellagio has beautiful beaches, nightclubs, and a lively historical center compared to the other towns around the Lake. It might be a little crowded during summer months, but if you plan to stay overnight, you will enjoy a tranquil and relaxed atmosphere after sunset when daily excursions terminate. 

There are many beautiful villas, restaurants, and hotels in Bellagio, among the most beautiful villas. Tough Lake Como offers so many different venues for a destination wedding that it is not possible to say where you can find the best places. Bellagio is undoubtedly the prettiest and livest village on the Lake, as wedding coordinators we have attended several parties in beautiful terraces, lake-shore clubs, private villas, and "Terrazza da Sogno."

Catholic and outdoor civil weddings

Although the Catholic curia has stringent rules for destination weddings in Bellagio, we have the opportunity to suggest you a beautiful church for your Catholic wedding around Lake Como. The splendid position of most of the villas offers a chance for our spouses to arrange legally binding civil weddings on site. Most of these ceremonies can take place outdoors with the beautiful backdrop of Lake Como for an everlasting memory.

Other Venues in Lake Como