A bit about Alberto

Alberto is the founder. He raised the company in 1999 at the age of 23, and since then he has been growing WEDDINGITALY gathering extensive and in-depth knowledge of many Italian locations and venues. Alberto works behind the scenes, supervising the managing side of the company, and helping Sonia and the team with his wise logistic and managerial views.

Alberto's love for fashion and sustainability led him into the Fashion world as co-founder of a sustainable luxury footwear brand, RE49, and, today, RE49 is his main activity as CMO and co-founder.

He has worked as a business consultant in the travel and event industries, and in the start-up environment. His passion for traveling took him abroad many times: he lived for a year in Chicago and spent different months in England and Ireland. He traveled all over Australia for a long period and yearly plans long journeys with Sonia and the Kids. Alberto holds a post-graduate diploma in Luxury Brand Management from the London School of Business and Finance, and he is an MBA from the School of Business of the University of Liverpool, UK. Alberto plays the piano and loves art and photography, reading, and writing. He published a book of poems “Profumi di Candele e Matita” in 2011. He enjoys sports playing tennis, skiing, and running.


How is everything started...

The story dates back to 1999 on a cold November day. I was at the airport waiting for my father back from a trip to the US, and I noticed numerous couples passionately walking together ready to discover the romantic Venice.

 I thought it would have been lovely to plan honeymoons in Italy for them. A few weeks later, I started working on a website devoted to Honeymoons in Italy. Meanwhile, a friend of mine with some experience in planning joined me. The website soon changed its name to as the first couple, Louise and Robert from the United States, asked me for an Italian wedding!  

The first wedding was in Venice and It was a successful event that was almost immediately followed by other weddings in Florence, Siena, Venice, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Rome, and Positano. From that day to now, we have met more than two thousand couples and for each of them, we created their own personal dream.

Alberto's top traits

  • Empathy
  • Problem-solving
  • Sees the big picture
  • Strategy and execution
  • Team-leading

My Passions

Music is part of my life: as a teenager, I dream a lot of being a rockstar with several of my pop, rock, or jazzy groups. Writing was one of my interests and, as a young man, I wrote a couple of books and some poetries. I also traveled to enjoy Poetry Slams in Edimburg during the Fringe Festival.

Tennis and running are still my favorite sports that I practice weekly, and I am also a fan of Udinese, my own town team.

You'll see me always with a book in my hands, as a matter of fact, my preferred gifts are books: I love choosing a book I read to match the personality of a friend of mine.

My greatest passion is anyway Travelling. I have visited several countries, and both Sonia and I are truly fanatics of travel experiences. Before our lovely children, we have been traveling a lot from backpacking in remote areas to luxurious experiences. We have been open to any sort of travel experience, there is nothing more open-minding than traveling!

Well, you get that Sonia is not only my business partner, but also my lovely wife, best friend, and mother of our two sweethearts: Elia and Alessio. The three of them are my true passion!

Let Down
Once upon a time in America
Sergio Leone
Music Genre
Dance Dance Dance
Murakami Haruki
Carbonara & Tignanello

New York
(and Firenze!)
Abroad experiences

Chicago, US and Australia into my heart

Two main crossroads changed my life.

As a teenager, at the age of 17th, I had the opportunity to be a foreign exchange student in the lovely suburbs of Chicago. I always say that a little piece of my heart is still in the US, exactly in Cary, McHenry County, Illinois.

The second crossroad, later on, at the age of 35 in 2012, I took three sabbatical months to travel alone and extensively in Australia. I left my companies in the good hands of my team and partners, with a need to find a new purpose, and that happened.

What I love about Italy

  • Sunsets with a good glass of wine
  • Having lunches along the seas
  • And dinners in old charming Osterie
  • The way of life
  • The Arts
  • Italy
They say about him

Dear Alberto, from the deepest part of our hearts we cannot thank you enough for such a spectacular time in Italy. As our first venture out of the States and our first time being married, we had many expectations and some fears of travelling abroad. From the first moment we met, we knew we were in the hands of professionals and at the same time, in the hands of special people taking care of their clients. We have the greatest and utmost respect for the treatment and friendship you provided to us, our family and our friends. You went out of your way many times over, taking care of our needs and helping us discover the beauty of your country.......

& Virginia