September weddings in Italy

A romantic Autumn wedding: September weddings in Italy

September is one of the most romantic months to get married in Italy. Photographers love the light of the sunset during this month, mainly after 4 pm when the sun gets warm and wedding photographs genuinely take the best colors and atmosphere. Wedding photographers in Italy will love taking pictures either in Tuscany weddings, Puglia, Lake Como or the Amalfi Coast: four of the most beautiful wedding locations for a September wedding in Italy.

Italian wedding receptions in Italy in September can still be planned outside in most of the locations because the weather is still incredibly warm. It is very common to celebrate your wedding ceremony with an outdoor cocktail followed by an outdoor wedding reception. Especially in Puglia, Sicily, and the Amalfi Coast, wedding receptions are perfect when arranged outdoors.

Traveling to Italy in late September is also less expensive than summer months; in fact, most of the hotels and venues consider August as the peak season. Thus prices are higher.  Weddings in Italy on the weekend of September are favorite for Italians: we suggest to book your date quite soon with at least one year in advance, especially if you are planning a castle wedding in Italy or if you are looking for a villa wedding in Italy.