Wonderful wedding in Tuscany and Florence

A fabulous land overflowing with history and art: Tuscany truly is a wedding destination in Italy like no other… Quintessentially Italian, the lovely soft rolling hills of Tuscany, the unbelievable architectonic masterpieces of Florence, and delicious the wines of Chianti Region are the first images than come to mind when thinking of Italy and the art of “slow-living”, enjoying every moment at the very best… What better setting for an unforgettable Italian wedding?

The heart of any Italian lifestyle wedding experience: a Wedding In Tuscany

Cradle to Italian Renaissance and touchstone to eternal artists to the likes of Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo, the splendid cities and towns of Tuscany still bear the marks of the passage of these incomparable artists... in the lands that inspired the most beautiful and awe-inspiring masterpieces, a special wedding in Tuscany will find its perfect setting… from Florence to smaller town, there is no spot in Tuscany where you won't feel the distinctive artistic and historical vibe of this special region… Fabulous landscapes, amazing artworks, stunning architecture and a breathtaking feeling beyond words… all this and much more await you everywhere in these magnificent lands… Simply unforgettable!

Wedding In Tuscany: typical reception in a Villa

The perfect setting for ceremonies in Italy of all kinds and sizes, a wedding in Tuscany truly is an actual dream come true… from special elopements in enchanted towns such as Certaldo and its special historical flair, Poppi, with its fairytale castle, and Volterra, where you can get married in an awe-inspiring frescoed hall; to unforgettable weddings in the marvellous city of Florence and its countryside… there are no limits to how beautiful and unforgettable your wedding in Tuscany could be!

A stunning place where nature, art and architecture perfectly blend, creating a worldwide renowned masterpiece, Florence weddings are a perfect destination in Italy: regardless of size and kind of ceremony, this fabulous city truly has what it takes to make a love dream come true! Luxurious historical venues at the very heart of this marvellous city… marvellous countryside villas, fairytale castles and lovely farmhouses located just at a short drive away… Discover the perfect place where to create everlasting memories of your special day!

Outdoor reception for your wedding in Tuscany, Italy

Let us help you find the right location for your romantic wedding in Italy! The countryside surrounding Florence will amaze you with countless charming farmhouses and villas, providing you with the perfect background for a stunning reception… lovely farmhouses for a romantic, bucolic reception… elegant villas for a luxury, unforgettable event… in Tuscany, you will just find everything your heart desires!

From a romantic catholic wedding in a lovely bucolic church, to a special ceremony in one of the stunning, majestic cathedrals of Florence… from a lovely civil wedding in the fairytale setting of a fascinating town, to a marvelous ceremony in the stunning town hall of Florence, or an unforgettable civil wedding in a villa with infinite views on countryside… Tuscany is the right destination for a wedding in Italy like no others!

Holding a special place in our hearts, we just love planning weddings in Tuscany and Florence, and know all the secrets of this special area like the back of our hand!