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Celebrated as the best city to get married in Italy: fabulous destination weddings in Florence

Its sweeping landscape, artistic history, and captivating architecture make it nearly irresistible for a wedding. Florence, each year, welcomes couples from around the world to get married in its beautiful venues. Florence is one of the most romantic and beautiful cities in the world. Our offices lay in this unique city and there is nothing we can do, but fill our hearts with love every day we walk the streets of Florence!

We, Sonia and Alberto, got married in the beautiful Sala Rossa. How can we not celebrate Florence as the heart and soul of a destination wedding in Italy!

Civil, religious or symbolic ceremonies: weddings in Florence can satisfy any need

Those looking for civil weddings in Florence have the option of saying their vows in the Sala Rossa: once the bedroom of Cosimo de Medici, it is now Florence's civil office. Its beautiful red carpets, majestic chandeliers, guilt-frame mirrors, lush drapery, and antique velvet chairs make it quite the picturesque setting to exchange vows.

For those seeking a Catholic wedding in Florence, the city offers many beautiful churches from classy Romanic churches to renaissance jewels: we can help you find the church most suitable for your style and vision.

Protestants and Anglicans may choose the St. James Church. Located in the centre of Florence, the St. James church is well known both for its long history and its beauty. The Orthodox church is also magnificent, and Jewish weddings are also available in Florence: located in the heart of Florence, the Florence synagogue features a design inspired by Constantinople's Byzantine church of Hagia Sophia with inlaid marble floors, stained-glass windows, ornate ceilings, and beautiful mosaics.

No matter what your personal preferences for a wedding in Florence, we as wedding planners are committed to making your wedding day unique, memorable, and breathtakingly beautiful. The stunning views from a wedding venue on the hills of Florence is a very special gift for an Italian wedding. Weddings in Florence is getting married in the heart of Tuscany. From Piazzale Michelangelo, you can enjoy an incredible view over Florence and the surrounding hills: a memory will last forever. Piazza Della Signoria and Palazzo Vecchio, the town hall, in the heart of the city, is the venue for civil weddings in Florence, just near the Uffizi gallery.

An ideal destination wedding in Florence can take place in any month of the year.

We have been planning weddings in Tuscany in the city of Florence since 1999. We have our based office on the outskirts of the city, and this is probably the Italian location we love the most. It is an ideal wedding location for large summer events considering the high value of the nearby villas and castles as well for small retreats including winter weddings which are often requested.

We have the confidence to organise any event from the luxury to the private elopement. You are in excellent hands.

Civil Weddings in Florence
The Sala Rossa is a classy and elegant venue for civil weddings in Florence. The city has the honor to be the first place among Italian cities for the magnitude of its artistic works. Down every street and alley you'll make new discoveries of Gothic, Romanesque and Renaissance architecture. Civil weddings in Florence take place in the majestic Palazzo Vecchio located in one of the...
Catholic Weddings in  Florence
The most beautiful churches for your romantic catholic wedding in Florence. For those brides and grooms who wish to celebrate a Catholic wedding there is nothing more emotional than the deep spiritual feeling of the ceremony itself… Imagine having this feeling amplified by the charming atmosphere conjured up by the setting of a fascinating historical church in Florence… We can...
Protestant Weddings in Florence
The fascination of Florence for the wedding of your dreams Protestant weddings in Florence can be performed in a charming church in the historical center or outdoors in any beautiful venue in the city. Discover the marvelous St James Church, the protestant church of Florence The Protestant church in Florence is the beautiful St James. A lovely 18th-century Gothic church right in the...
Religious Weddings in Florence
A romantic religious wedding in Florence… surrounded by the charming multicultural Renaissance ambiance Discover the beauty of Florence… a charming city characterized by a fascinating multicultural atmosphere for centuries, in the city you will find many places of worship belonging to different creeds, that will allow you to celebrate all sorts of religious weddings. The charming...
Symbolic Weddings in Florence
A romantic symbolic wedding in Florence Florence offers many romantic spots for a symbolic ceremony: beautiful hotels, nice terraces, charming villas and palazzos. On the outskirts of the city there are many renowned villas and castle from where you can enjoy a terrific view of the Arno river valley. The deep romanticism of an intimate wedding in Tuscany Imagine… a romantic setting amid...
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