Weddings in Orvieto

The beauty of Orvieto: between earth and sky

A tiny little city, whose historical and artistic value is invaluable, Orvieto city lays on a high tuff hill looking down the Roman roads going to Rome.

Because of its long and varied history, Orvieto has always been called “the ancient city” (urbs vetus in Latin, whence Orvieto) and is considered as one of the oldest Italian towns. Populated since Etruscan times, the city was subsequently occupied by the Romans and later annexed to the Pontifical States, during the 15th century. Spurs of this varied history can still be felt in the appearance of its buildings and in the unparalleled atmosphere, you will enjoy here.

A wedding in Orvieto means history and nature, relaxation and fun all blended to perfection to create your dream wedding destination!

A charming and mysterious city

In Orvieto, there is more than meets the eye.

Located on a tuff hill, the soil of Orvieto is particularly easy to dig and excavate: for this very reason, the charming city “hides” beneath itself an intricate and very interesting “Underground City” made up of wells, caves, and tunnels… Organizing a pleasant visit to this fascinating Underground City for you and your guests during your stay could be an exciting and unparalleled activity!

It is possible to celebrate either a civil, a Catholic or any religious wedding in Orvieto.

In Orvieto, there is something to suit everybody’s fancy! Natural setting and historical atmosphere, good food and wines and relaxation, wellness and outdoor activities…

This charming town will allow you to organize any wedding ceremony. A civil wedding can take place in a few beautiful venues owned by the local council. The churches are either in the heart of the Town such as the majestic Duomo or in the surrounding countryside among the hills. Orvieto is a city to discover by leisurely walking along its charming historical alleys!