Weddings in Todi

Italian lifestyle and the beauty of love: a romantic wedding in Todi

A charming village in the heart of the Umbria, a town which seems never been touched by modernity, where you will be under the impression of having traveled through time. Todi is not only beautiful as a town but also offers an incredible and scenic countryside.

A marvelous feeling of timelessness

Discover this charming little city in Central Italy… take a stroll along its charming narrow alleys and have a romantic walk while the sun is setting behind the hills… Dreaming of a charming, very romantic event without equals? Live your dreams in Todi.

Todi, a gem in Umbria

Discover Todi from its very heart… in the Middle Ages the main square of a city, was its core, the center of public life and of all activities… For this very reason it is on the charming main square Piazza del Popolo that you will find the most important buildings of Todi: the majestic Cathedral “Dell’Annunziata”, the symbol of religious power, is located here just in front of the symbols of mundane power, the marvelous Palazzo del Popolo, and Palazzo del Capitano… 

Standing on Piazza del Popolo, it’s easy to see why Todi is often described as Umbria’s prettiest town: incredible architecture and stunning views, medieval scenarios and renaissance beauty!

Wedding ceremonies and receptions always find perfect spots in Todi.

Civil legal weddings are performed in the majestic Palazzo del Popolo, the most impressive and oldest building in town for civil weddings and the unique Duomo for a Catholic wedding. Don't forget to look at our Villas and Farmhouses in Umbria as these are as well unique wedding venues including some charming castles.