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Philosophy at Wedding Italy

Philosophy at Wedding Italy

Director, Alberto Ciani, writes:

“Welcome to WeddingItaly.com! I am proud to introduce our team to you, and I look forward to helping you with your plans for an extraordinary wedding in beautiful, romantic Italy.  It was in 1999 when I first had the idea to create a website to plan Honeymoons in Italy for couples from around the world, and just a year after this, became devoted to 'Destination Weddings in Italy'  when, with a friend of mine, we have chosen to promote also Italy as a wedding and honeymoon destination. Just months later the first couple asked for their actual wedding ceremony to be in Venice! A fabulous place to begin!

I was just 24 years old, with no experience at all, but with a lot of passion, enthusiasm, and imagination. Today, we are still an enthusiastic and professional team working shoulder to shoulder with our Brides and Grooms to create perfectly tailored wedding events. We are amongst the most experienced wedding planners in Italy, very often featured in magazines, on television, and in newspapers with reviews of our weddings coming from all over the world. I hope you enjoy our Wedding Italy website, and feel inspired to work with us for your exceptional day. Remember, the pictures you see are taken from Italian weddings we have planned. We hope to hear from you, so keep in touch! .. Alberto”

We firmly believe that the relationship between the wedding planners, the couple and the service providers should be open, honest and full of integrity, with full attention paid to the most minute details.  We want to realize your dream, so when you tell us what you would like, we will do all in our power to provide that for you, and if there are any 'niggles' we will discuss them with you, and find a solution. We will always do all that we can to meet your budget, your requirements and make your day absolutely special - Actually, unique to you!
Although the trade name and registered mark of our company is WeddingItaly, our legal name is Punto di Fuga. The literal translation of Punto di Fuga is "getaway spot." However, in the art world, it is used in reference to the point where the elements of the work merge together to give the art piece emotional depth and impact. This is our goal at WeddingItaly: we wish to merge our bride and groom’s desires with our organizational skills to reach that special point which is perfection ( not just on the day but which will be remembered forever )!

We will accompany you throughout the whole process, listening, acting on your behalf, advising, listening again and making things happen, advising, and listening again, so that your dream just becomes reality. We are with you every step of the way so that between us your dream will become your very special wedding.

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Legal information

Registered Trademark: WeddingItaly - Wedding Italy
Company name: Punto di Fuga SAS di A. Ciani & Company
Head office: Via Zanon 5, 33100 Udine (Ud) - Mail here -
Tuscan office: Via Case Sparse 64 33000 Strada in Chianti (Firenze)
Tel.+39 0432 931457
Fax.+39 0432 931196
Vat # 02297670305
License: N° 158TUR released by R.F.V.G.
Chambre of commerce enrolment #250175 in Udine, Italy
Insurance policy: N° 4138641L released by NAVALE ASSICURAZIONI

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