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Your wedding in Friuli Venezia Giulia in a UNESCO world heritage site

Situated at few kilometers from the border with Slovenia, Cividale del Friuli is a romantic historical town protected by UNESCO. Cividale was founded as a Roman municipium by Julius Caesar in 50 BCE on the newly built Via Julia Augusta, with the name of Forum Iulii ("Julius' Forum"). Archaeological findings have revealed that the area was already settled by Veneti and Celts. After the destruction of Aquileia and Iulium Carnicum , it became the chief town of the district of Friuli and gave its name to it.

Cividale is a real jewel of charm and romanticism that will allow you to travel back in time. Are you looking for something extraordinary for your big day?

A charming little city full of fascination and sights

The historical center of the town is dominated by Piazza del Duomo, which is where the National Archeological Museum is located. Close by is the Palazzo dei Provveditori Veneti, constructed in 1565 and designed by Andrea Palladio. The town is split in two by the Natisone River, which is spanned by the impressive Devil's Bridge (15th century). Also notable is the Celtic Hypogeum, a subterranean series of halls carved in the rock in ancient times, whose original purpose remains unclear (probably either a Celtic funerary monument or a Roman jail).

The small church of Oratorio di Santa Maria in Valle (also known as Lombard Temple), next to the Natisone river, is a notable example of High Middle Ages art sometimes attributed to the 8th century, but probably later. Included in the old Lombard quarter, it was perhaps used as Palatine Chapel by the Lombard dukes and king's functionaries. The elegant decorations, statues, and stuccoes (11th or 12th century) housed in the interior, show a strong Byzantine influence.

The town has some small osterias which serve distinctive local wines and delicious dishes of the Italian and central European tradition.

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