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Destination weddings in Capri: the fascination and romanticism of the most beautiful island in the Mediterranean.

If you have always dreamt of an excellent and charming wedding location, Capri is the destination that will suit you perfectly!

Nature, sea, sun: the quintessentially Mediterranean fascination at a destination wedding in Italy without equals

Capri: a dream city, an unparalleled island! Characterized by its imposing cliffs “sculpted” by winds, sea and time, the whole island will convey to its visitors a feeling of fascination and beauty. From the spectacular beaches to the famous “Piazzetta” square, from the Grotto Azzurro to the Faraglioni, in Capri nature is blended with the sea, the architectural beauty and the warmth of its people and sun! A wedding in Capri is discovering Heaven on Earth!

A garden on the sea

Capri with its 800 species of plant life has been likened to a "garden perched on a rugged chunk of limestone". Its cliffs, which have been cut and ravaged by time into fantastic shapes create an unusual and dramatic landscape. Among the first to be captivated by the beauty of Capri were the Romans. Augustus, smitten by its splendor, exchanged the island for Ischia while Tiberius spent the last years of his life here.

One of the most famous sights of the island is the Grotto Azzurro, an extraordinary vivid blue which can be reached by boat from Marina Grande. In spring and summer, glorious flowers grow everywhere and provide a most delightful profusion of color. Several hundreds of species of flora may be reviewed in the Gardens of Augustus, founded by Caesar himself.

Capri is exceptional as an Italian wedding location because it offers beautiful nature, luxury hotels, and villas, well-known restaurants that prepare exquisite food based on local products: this is everything you need for your unique wedding in Italy.

You can choose to get married in Capri following your desire.

Civil, Protestant or symbolic weddings in the most charming and exclusive island of Southern Italy. If you are looking for an unforgettable wedding, we are sure that Capri will suit all your needs!

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