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Destination weddings in Positano on the Amalfi Coast.

Walking in Positano: narrow, intimate paths, smelling lemon trees and bougainvilleas, reaching the beach on sunset. A real Italian lifestyle experience for your wedding in Italy: an Italian blessing! You can imagine your wedding in one of the most romantic towns in the world. Amalfi Coast weddings, here in Positano, are exceptional when the blue of the sea meets the white Moorish houses, the green of the hills and the shades of the sun falling at the horizon.

Civil and Catholic weddings find in Positano two of the most famous Italian venues.

The village itself is a small labyrinth of tiny and narrow streets heading from the top of the hill to the beach. Walking among the scent of small restaurants and cafeteria, you find the main Duomo, one of the most lovely churches for Catholic weddings in Positano. The classy retreats in the heart of the village hide secret gardens where a symbolic wedding can take place without the curious eye of the tourists, but if you want a bliss of fame, a beach wedding in Positano is the extravagant idea!

On top of the town, on the road to Sorrento, the town hall main terrace offers the famous and incredible views of the outdoor civil weddings venue. Positano offers this incredible spot for a legal wedding in Italy and you can choose to get married either in the morning or even under the moonlight! Can you imagine a moonlight wedding in Italy?

Getting married in Positano is just a step away, contact us!

We have all the useful resources and information to get married in Positano as the Amalfi Coast is one those Italian locations we love the most. Positano is a little tricky when traveling, so it is imperative to arrange a safe and coordinated transfer, especially on the wedding day, but we will help you with this. The most important information for a wedding in Positano is the early booking requirement: it is very requested, especially from June to September, so you should quickly choose and book your wedding date.

There are several villas in Positano that you can rent for your wedding on the Amalfi Coast.

We have selected a few, but we have more resources to email on request as one of the preferred wedding styles in Positano and along the Amalfi Coast is a private villa to host a small reception with the dearest friends and family.

Getting married in Positano is just a step away, fill our easy and free form with your comments, and we will get back to you with ideas and prices.

Civil Weddings in Positano
Sun, sea and sentiment…live the wedding of your dreams Italy’s most dreamy venue for civil weddings is the terrace overlooking the sea. The silent sea breeze will cool your day, the infinite view of the sea as a romantic background, the scent of the hibiscus will perfume the air: this is a romantic outdoor wedding ceremony in Positano. What else can you ask for a destination wedding...
Catholic Weddings in  Positano
The deep feeling of a meaningful ceremony and the appeal of the infinite sea Walking down the small picturesque alleys that lead you at the beach, you meet on your left the main Duomo of Positano. Your catholic wedding in Positano will be celebrated in this charming church which is really a step off the sea. Centrally located it might feel a little touristy and crowded and is not much suggested...
Symbolic Weddings in Positano
The beauty and appeal of the infinite sea… a perfect background for your big day Close your eyes and imagine your dream marriage…Hidden gardens…private boats, large terraces or charming beach: here there are so many possible venues for a romantic symbolic wedding in Positano that you will just be spoilt for choice! The most sought-after wedding locations are the many...
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